Becoming a member of the Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence (MPME) has many benefits, some of which include:
  • Connecting with a group of mediators committed to excellence
  • Focusing on continuing skills improvement
  • Confirming for your clients that you are committed to providing high quality mediation services
  • Networking with mediators from different venues, approaches and locations
  • Participating in a Mediator Ombuds Program to address client and mediator issues in a restorative manner
  • Providing a forum for change within the mediation community
  • Having voice in creating mediation practice standards applicable to all mediators
  • Posting your profile for consumers to find you in the online Mediators Directory
  • Working with other mediators on the continued development of this unique program
  • Increasing the overall public visibility of mediation
  • Learning both from and with an experienced group of fellow mediators
  • Having fun together to create a sense of community in the Maryland mediation field
  • Accessing a Mediator Online Resource Center which provides information on continuing education events, allows members to communicate with each other in communities of practice, offers a user-friendly online mediator directory, a resource library and more

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Members of the MPME know the benefits and value of creativity, having fun with learning, and supporting one another.
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