Why do mediators join the MPME?

The practice of mediation is both challenging and highly rewarding. The Maryland mediator community decided over a decade ago that supporting one another to grow in their mediation practice was critically important and came together in collaboration to create the Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence.  High quality mediation service comes from practice, skill improvement, continuing education, and keeping connected with advances in the mediation field, such as the latest research findings and mediation practice standards.  The MPME serves as a valuable resource to keep you connected in all of these areas to support your practice of high quality mediation.
Maryland mediators have a wealth of support to help them develop and maintain high quality mediation services. As Maryland's dispute resolution resource, the Maryland Judiciary Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office (MACRO) helps establish, expand, evaluate and promote effective dispute resolution programs statewide. MACRO is the home of the MPME, which was collaboratively created by leaders in the mediation community, and MACRO staffs, coordinates and supports the work of the MPME. 
There are no membership fees to join or sustain your membership.  Membership requires that you: 
1) Provide documentation of 40 hours of Basic Mediation Skills Training 
2) Complete 8 hours of continuing education each calendar year
3) Complete 2 hours of ethics training each calendar year
4) Agree to comply with the Maryland Standards of Conduct for Mediators, as adopted by the Mediator Excellence Council, the former governing body of the MPME
5) Agree to cooperate in good faith with the Mediator Ombuds Program

Are you ready to join?

This is just the beginning of the assistance available to Maryland mediators. Those looking to put their skills to work can choose to mediate in one of several of Maryland's ADR Programs. Maryland is also home to three dispute resolution associations which provide additional networking and professional growth opportunities for mediators. It is also possible to expand mediator horizons by connecting with mediators from across the country and around the world through national and international dispute resolution associations. 

Other Maryland state-wide mediator membership organizations include:

 Other national mediator membership organizations include: